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Jun 7 2018

Windows and Internet Cleaner Pro – Free download and software reviews – CNET

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Windows and Internet Cleaner Pro

Was good at one time

2008-02-22 12:46:52 | By Bob100500

| Version: Windows and Internet Cleaner Pro 3.60

I like the file shreder.

I use the product at work to keep sensitive data off my work computer, but no longer will I rely on this POS! This product use to work excellent on XP, but now I cannot get it to erase Internet Explorer tracks on Vista, and tech support SUCKS. THIS IS THE WORSE TECH SUPPORT EVER. I do not trust this program anymore, a complete waste of money. I tried to use the free space cleaner, but it took over 2 full days to complete on a 160 gig hardrive, and 2.6 GHz processor and 4 gigs of RAM. What a slow program. I wouldn’t waste the money if I were you. The free program “Advanced Window Care” was able to do what this program was unable to do.

Best cleaner I ve come across

2007-03-13 07:31:50 | By jtodd929

| Version: Windows and Internet Cleaner Pro 3.60

Windows and Internet Cleaner is simple and does it’s job perfectly. I find it a pleasure to use and configure. I’ve used several different cleaners over the course of several years, including “big names” that you can purchase at Comp USA etc. After trying W ?>

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