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May 15 2018

Web Developer Resume Example, web developer boston.#Web #developer #boston


ASP.NET Web Developer Resume

ASP.NET Web developer resume is a summary of your qualifications and skills combined with your work experience and personal details. From an employer’s point of view, your ASP.NET web developer resume must be precise and communicative and include the details that portray a professional image of the applicant.

ASP.NET web developers perform the overall tasks that contribute in web development process on the ASP.NET web application development framework. ASP.NET web developers develop and maintain corporate and intranet websites, web services, console applications, client server solutions and web applications. ASP.NET web developers also document technical specifications, perform cross browser testing of the websites and troubleshooting and debugging assistance as and when required.

Being in a technology driven profession, provide a detailed description of your technical expertise and your work experience as an ASP.NET web developer in the past. Other details such as contact information, academic qualifications and references of your previous employers also need to be included in your resume. Write your resume in a simple language and avoid any grammatical errors.

A sample ASP.NET web developer resume is provided for further guidance.

ASP.NET Web Developer Resume Example

1642, Waling Lane, Stanton Avenue

Boston, Massachusetts 32240

I want to join as an ASP.NET web developer in a progressive organization to pursue professional excellence and contribute my best in the accomplishment of organizational goals.

Technical Proficiency:

  • Programming and Scripting: ASP.NET, ADO.NET, CSS, XML, HTML, ASP, VBScript, VB.NET, JavaScript, AJAX, SQL Server, Perl, Python, Ruby on Rails
  • Database: Microsoft SQL, Microsoft Access, DTS, Oracle, Database Design
  • Operating Systems: UNIX, Linux, Mac OS, Windows
  • Graphics and Animation Design: Adobe Creative Suite, Adobe Flash, Maya, 3D Suite
  • Others: Cisco Routers, Gauntlets, Firewall, Switches, Adapters, Ethernet

Personal Skills:

  • Ability to manage and execute multiple projects simultaneously
  • Excellent knowledge of troubleshooting and debugging with effective resolution
  • Confident and patient worker with a positive attitude
  • Can work overtime to meet deadlines
  • Eager to learn new skills and techniques to improve my efficiency at workplace
  • Ability to communicate effectively across different channels and departments

ASP.NET Web Developer at Web Tonic Corporation, Boston since March 2012

Job functions and responsibilities:

  • Designing and developing websites on ASP.NET framework through agile development methodology
  • Providing purchase specifications regarding different hardware
  • Designing and implementing user interface (UI)
  • Devising and implementing user defined web services for web portals
  • Testing websites for cross browser compatibility and fixing bugs and errors
  • Performance review and optimization

ASP.NET Web Developer at Umbrella Technologies, Boston from August 2010 – February 2012

Job functions and responsibilities:

  • Developed coding standards for all projects
  • Developed websites, web applications and user interface
  • Performed testing, troubleshooting and debugging
  • Implemented new features and applications into existing websites
  • Created a website for online image and video editing
  • Wrote technical specifications and design documents

Academic Qualifications and Certifications

  • Degree: Master’s Degree in Computer Science

Institute: Massachusetts Institute of Technology

  • Degree: Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science

    Institute: Massachusetts Institute of Technology

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