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May 15 2018

The Worshipful Company of Plumbers, woking hospice.#Woking #hospice

The Worshipful

Company of Plumbers

  • Woking hospice
  • Woking hospice
  • Woking hospice
  • Woking hospice
  • Woking hospice
  • Woking hospice
  • Woking hospice
  • Woking hospice
  • Woking hospice
  • The Livery Masters wait to place crosses at the Garden of Remembrance, St Paul’s

    Every year the Livery Companies make an act of remembrance in the grounds of St Paul s Cathedral. Each Master plants a cross in memory of those who paid the ultimate sacrifice for our freedom.

    Going strong for over 650 years

    “No one of the trade of Plumbers shall meddle with works touching such trade within the said city, or take house or apprentices, or other workmen, in the same, if he be not made free of the City”

    Ordinance of the Plumbers 1365

    Proud to be a Professional

    Dan Martins, 20, from Northampton was awarded the Plumbers Company Gold Medal earlier this year for his achievements as a plumbing apprentice. Dan was chosen to represent the UK in the WorldSkills competition in Abu Dhabi where he was awarded a bronze medal for his plumbing skills.

    Did you know?

    During the Company year 2016 – 2017, this Web Site was visited on 11,969 occasions by 6,504 users and 42,649 pages were viewed. 84% of the users came from the UK, 4% from the USA, 3% Russia and 1% each Australia and Canada.

    The Worshipful Company of Plumbers

    How well do you know the City? Find out more see “Walks and Talks – About the City in the City, and by City Guides” See below for details.

    We have helped the health of a community through better plumbing

    Our Charity make a difference to lives. We have recently helped to fund a project to improve the health of villagers in Ghana through better plumbing and education. Washing hands is an essential part of good hygiene.

    Our dog in training

    The Plumbers Company charity is supporting the training of a Medical Detection dog.

    The Worshipful Company of Plumbers

    We support the Craft of Plumbing

    A Royal Cricket Match

    To be held inside the private Home Park of Windsor Castle. This is a unique opportunity to visit the Royal Household Cricket Club. In addition to the game itself, first class hospitality and entertainment will be on offer as the Plumbers raise money for the many deserving causes of the Plumbers Charity.

    Encouraging trainee plumbers

    We have a new Master – Robert Burgon

    Supporting the Craft

    Forthcoming events

      Ladle Dinner Tuesday, 21st November 2017 Cutlers’ Hall 1815

    Latest news

    Ladle Dinner 2017

    The Senior Steward and Stewards invite you to join them in entertaining the Master and Wardens, and in honouring the Immediate Past Master, Brian Wadsworth, at the 2017 Ladle Dinner and thanking him for all that he has done in his year. We are fortunate to have the opportunity to dine at the splendid Cutlers Hall.

    Click here for more details and booking

    Start your Christmas at the Guildhall Christmas Market

    Join Livery Companies in sipporting the Red Cross. Get into the festive spirit with the sights and sounds of the Guildhall Christmas Market this November. The market is open for one day only on Tuesday 28 November. However, there are also limited tickets available for a preview event the night before, and a special Syrian supper with Loyd Grossman and the Aleppo Supper club. All proceeds will go towards the lifesaving work of the British Red Cross both in the UK and overseas.

    Our Master

    What do we know about Robert Burgon, our Master for the next year? Well he is a Scotsman, married to a charming wife Sheila, is a church organist, enjoys jam and chutney making and is an expert at cryptic crosswords. Now you may well ask are these the attributes for the Master Plumber?

    The real answer is in his biography written for the member s section of this web site. Click here for details

    Magic Circle encore

    Following an enjoyable visit to The Magic Circle in London last September, (click here for the report), there were several disappointed Liverymen and guests who were unable to attend due to a limitation on numbers. If there is sufficient demand, it is proposed to arrange a further visit early in the New Year.

    If you are interested, please e-mail Sharon at the office with numbers by the end of November

    Summoned by Bells – The Company Carol Service


    The Master and Mistress Plumber, Robert and Sheila, look forward to welcoming you to the glorious setting of our Company Church, St. Magnus the Martyr, Lower Thames Street, to celebrate the coming of Christmas.

    Click here for details and booking.

    A Call For Resilient Water Services

    In an on line British Medical Journal editorial Prof Jamie Bartram, the Company lecturer in 2015, together with co authors calls for investment in resilient water services in light of increasing threats due to climate change. The editorial reflects on the transformative sanitation advocacy work of physicians in the 19th century and calls for the health sector to take a similar lead on lobbying for investment in climate resilient water and sanitation. (We would add that good plumbing is an essential part of any such programmes.)

    Recent events

    Master’s Blog 4

    Woking hospice

    BLord Mayor s Show, Plumbing at Singleton, Livery Companies apprentices. Read the latest Blog from the Master by clicking here.

    The Plumbers’ welcome the New Lord Mayor

    Woking hospice

    We look forward to supporting Lord Mayor Charles Bowman during his year as the 690th Lord Mayor of the City of London.

    We Remember

    Woking hospice

    Cannon Street Railway Station

    Master s Blog 3

    Woking hospice

    Remembrance, Thanksgiving, Ironbridge Memorial Lecture, Plaisterers Awards and the Horners Lecture. A busy week and the Lord Mayor s Show still to come. For details click here and for the composite Blog here.

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