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Jul 31 2017

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Our clientele comprises of the elite class, actors, politicians, businessmen, corporates etc as ,we provide an uber Ambience, Confidentiality and Anonymity they have yet to find in any other facility.

Our helpline number also acts as a one point connect through which we guide those who are unable to come to us for treatment find the right place. Our number +91 9967334000

Our addiction treatment centre program is very Client Specific, tailored as per what is required for each client individually. Confidentiality and anonymity of the client is maintained at an optimum level with us.

We provide the client [both male and female] an informal ambience in a controlled environment conducive to effective recovery.

We are probably the only drug alcohol rehabilitation facility in the country which also provides an in house treatment program separately for co-dependents [the family and those closely associated to the one afflicted]. The treatment of the family is as essential as that of the one addicted, as, while the addict tries to control his usage, the family also tries to control the addict’s usage, in the bargain losing their identity and sense of self. This is called Co-dependency.

The program is essentially Non Medical in nature and Voluntary.

Treatment- Counseling and Meditation


The treatment starts with Detoxification, under the medical supervision of Dr.Sujatha Nair and Dr. Jerajani, which is separate from the main rehab for treatment program. During detoxification, the substance is stopped and medication is only given at this time to ensure smooth tiding over of the withdrawals. During this time a Homoeopathic case history is taken of the Client by Dr.Nair. Blood investigations are also done to evaluate the physical status of the client. Psychometric evaluation of the client is done along with a Psychiatric evaluation by Dr.Jerajani.

Duration of the treatment program which is usually of 45 to 90 days is decided upon during the detoxification phase.


Counseling is exclusive one on one done by Mahesh, Vandana and Dr. Sujatha. The trio are qualified and trained counsellors with over 10 years of experience in the field of treatment of those affected and afflicted by Addiction. A process of counselling and meditation enables a client to evolve into a conducive within that would enable him to not find the need to use alcohol/ drugs. We guide a client through his Fears, Resentments and Sexuality issues, beyond addictive logics that have governed his life.


Many techniques have been incorporated into the treatment program. These have been essentially designed to be psychotherapeutic. These techniques aid in bringing to the fore all suppressed and repressed emotions and experiences, which are then dealt with through the counseling process.
Substance usage creates a neurochemical path in the brain – primarily the dopamine pathway, which is triggered and reinforced by repetitive usage. By establishing a meditative process in the client, a separate neurochemical pathway is created in the brain which provides a more effective and constructive long lasting feeling of well being through the release of endorphins. It has been our observation that meditation enables the person to effectively relive past experiences in life objectively and instil a natural instinct of non judgemental introspection which is transformational. This coupled with effective counselling which is the bed rock of addiction treatment centres enables the client to deal with and go beyond his past life with Substance usage and re learn to live without finding the need to go back to usage of the Substances.
– As and when required Homoeopathic medicines are administered by Dr.Sujatha Nair to enable faster recovery from any physical ailments that may crop up following stoppage of the substance. Yoga techniques specifically for addicts. is facilitated by her, which enables better brain body coordination. improves neurological functioning, stimulates the endocrine glands to improve their functioning thereby hastening physical and psychological healing. Breathing techniques called Pranayamas which increase oxygenation to brain and body depleted of the same by long term substance abuse are also imparted.
– Regression therapy of which Mrs. Neeta Sitlani is an adept practitioner is also used. She is also a trained Counselor.
We incorporate other alternative healing therapies like NLP, etc too.

Our Vision is paving the Path towards life beyond Substance Abuse.

Pre-rehab facilitated by a therapist

This is a unique facility not offered by most rehabilitation centres in India

The experiential counselor meets the dependent when he is sober and motivates him/her to come into treatment voluntarily.

The requirement of an experiential counselor and not a regular psychologist with no addiction background is that. the person who is afflicted is at a ;point in his/her life wherein he/she feels that it is their destiny to drink/use and die. life cannot be any different from the daily despair, remorse. anger emotional rollercoaster ride of using.

When they meet a person who has been there, done that and gone beyond addiction towards a life filled with joy ,awareness and peace, it becomes a ray of hope and then an inspiration to walk the path taken by the experiential person and do the things done by them to reach where they have reached.

What seemed like a quicksand now becomes a stepping stone to move ahead.
In case the client is living away from their families, in a foreign land or out of their native town, then the therapeutic team can go where the afflicted person is and living near the person, continue to meet him/her whenever the person is sober, sharing and motivating the person.

Thus the therapist becomes a constant mirror reflecting where the person needs to go to and do to get into the wagon of treatment.

This does require client-specificity and planning on an individual basis. – at times counseling everyone around the person including the house help and friends as co-dependents.

The denials are broken, reality is surfaced and put on the table and in the face in such a manner that the person addicted to the substances have to admit and accept the problem and begin looking at a solution which is voluntary, residential treatment which provides and creates an alternate way of living and life.

This is called a Pre-rehab stage on the road to getting back to living … The team at Anatta Humanversity provides such a facility. we have travelled to as near as Nagpur, Delhi, Karnataka to as far as Malaysia, Dubai and the USA, facilitating the pre rehab stage. being a support to the families and a catalyst in getting the person addicted to alcohol and drugs into residential care.

In the year 2003, two people working in the field of Addiction. one, who had gone through the experience of being a dependent and found himself and Life beyond it

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