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May 17 2018

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Most reliable cars

The days of simply engineered cars are long behind us. Electronic actuators now take the place of mechanical linkages and ever more aspects of our cars are becoming computer-controlled.

DIY mechanics may wince, but the end result is generally good news – cars are more fuel-efficient than ever before, as well as being much easier to live with day to day, with longer maintenance intervals than cars of that long-gone ‘simpler time’.

It should be reassuring, too, that our Driver Power owner satisfaction survey supports the notion that technology is nothing to fear – owners of complex cars such as hybrids and tech-laden SUVs report that they’re among the most dependable cars on the road – a testament to the huge investment that carmakers plough into research and development.

Tens of thousands of UK motorists participated in our survey, allowing us to list the most reliable cars you can buy today. All responses used to compile this list were from owners of cars between three and six years old – the period where problems are often likely to crop up.

Interestingly, the top 10 most reliable cars rather conform to established brand perceptions. Toyota and its upmarket sister brand Lexus account for five models, while Skoda occupies another two places. Others are from Honda and Mercedes – brands with reputations for solidity – while Jaguar might be a surprise to some, but just shows how much the British marque has improved the build quality of its new models.

If a car you’re considering doesn’t feature in our top 10, you needn’t fear that it’ll be a liability. Our data tells us that reliability, on the whole, is on the up. No one model was universally panned as being troublesome – experiences vary among owners, but serious complaints are becoming increasingly uncommon.

Read on to see the 10 most reliable cars sold in Britain today.

Note: The severity and complexity of a breakdown is taken into account in rankings for reliability and build quality, For example: a faulty interior trim is weighted lower than a complete engine failure. This weighting doesn’t apply among owners reporting a failure, so it is possible that car rated as being more reliable could, in some cases, record more breakdowns.

Lexus CT hatchback

Cheap reliable cars

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