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May 18 2018

Medical Archives – Collections: The Johns Hopkins Hospital School of Nursing and The Johns Hopkins

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The Johns Hopkins University School of Nursing:
A Shared Legacy

Mr. Johns Hopkins, in a letter to the trustees of the hospital on March 10, 1873, set forth that a school of nursing and a school of medicine be established in conjunction with the hospital. At the opening ceremonies for the Johns Hopkins Hospital School of Nursing on October 9, 1889, Henry Hurd, the first superintendant of the hospital noted that “in the eyes of the Trustees, nursing the sick is not to be considered a trade but a learned profession” and that the school’s “course of study should be more thorough and systematic than that of any other school in the land”. Under the leadership of nursing superintendents Isabel Hampton Robb and Mary Adelaide Nutting, the school was at the forefront of the professionalization of nursing and nursing education. Originally based in the hospital as a diploma school, it was unable to obtain an affiliation with the university in order to offer degree-granting programs. Because the school could not compete in an era in which university-based nursing schools were evolving, admissions gradually dropped and the school finally closed in 1973.

In 1983 the Maryland State Board of Examiners unanimously approved plans for the establishment of The Johns Hopkins University School of Nursing as a degree-granting division. In September 1984, the first students were admitted. Within a remarkably short period of time the school achieved accreditation for masters and then doctoral programs and re-established a tradition of excellence in nursing education at Johns Hopkins. On June 11, 1998 the Anne M. Pinkard Building, the new home of the school of nursing was dedicated.

Archival materials pertaining to The Johns Hopkins Hospital School of Nursing and the Johns Hopkins University School of Nursing

  • Institutional Records
    • Founding documents, records of governance and administration that provided information about the organization and operations
    • Johns Hopkins Hospital School of Nursing
    • Johns Hopkins University School of Nursing
    • Johns Hopkins Nurses Alumni Association
    • Index of the Johns Hopkins Nurses Alumnae Magazine
  • Personal Paper Collections – faculty, staff, students, and alumni
  • Photographs, Audio, and Moving Image Collections – still photos of buildings, group and portrait photographs of faculty, staff, students, and alumni, oral histories, and film footage
  • Image Slideshow
  • Material Culture Collections – Oil portraits, sculpture, antique furnishings, textiles, medical apparatus and equipment
  • Published histories of the Johns Hopkins School of Nursing

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