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Jul 31 2017

Classic and Vintage Cars For Sale USA & Europe. Classic Car Specifications and Technical Data #auto #body #supplies

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Import / Export – Door to Door Classic Car Shipping Worldwide

This website has been created not only to help as a way to source classic cars and parts for sale worldwide, but we also have many years experience of importing exporting classic vehicles to and from all parts of USA, Europe, Canada Australia. If you have bought, or are planning to buy a classic vehicle, we can help you with international door to door shipping from almost anywhere in the world at very competitive prices. We can arrange coordinate collections, deliveries, customs clearance / documentation, local taxes port handling for all types and sizes of vehicles.

Please do not hesitate to ask us for a quote. just tell us the year, make / model, present location final destination to include zip / postcodes of the vehicle if possible and we will get back to you with the costs soon. For classic car parts, e.mail us with as much info about your car as possible we will get back to you with a no obligation price quote very soon.

Classic Cars Technical Data / Specifications

Additionally, we provide a comprehensive reference for classic car identification and basic essential technical specifications. We have tried to include data, photos and history of all significant car manufacturers, popular or otherwise and the variations of their classic cars produced during the 20th century.

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