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Jul 31 2017

Arkansas RN Programs – Accredited RN Schools in Arkansas (AR) #arkansas #nursing #programs, #rn #programs #in #arkansas


Arkansas RN Programs

RN Programs in Arkansas

Registered nursing programs in Arkansas are available at colleges and universities throughout the state. There are also online RN educational programs available to Arkansas students. A RN license and certification in Arkansas has to be earned from a board certified program. Training options include a diploma, two year associate’s degree in nursing or four year Bachelor of Science degree in nursing.

After students complete one of the nursing education programs, the NCLEX-RN needs to be passed in order to obtain a license for professional nursing. Its also required that nursing licenses are renewed every two years. A fee must be paid for the license renewal and continuing education requirements for the previous two years have to be met. This includes 15 contact hours for active licensees and 20 contact hours for non-active licensees.

The Arkansas board of nursing maintains a list of approved and accredited RN nursing programs. There are currently 28 RN programs throughout the state. Each school requires a different total number of hours for clinical and classroom studies. Most clinical work is completed on the school’s campus. This also includes students who are taking on-line classes. Some accredited schools include Henderson State University in Arkadelphia, University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences in Little Rock, North Arkansas College in Harrison and University of Arkansas in Fayetteville. Community colleges in Arkansas generally charge between $3,000 and $5,000 for one year of tuition and fees. Private colleges may charge $20,000 or higher.

Most RN programs in Arkansas require courses in biological and physical sciences, social sciences, humanities, English composition and general education. Other courses may include college algebra, behavioral statistics and nutrition. Other commonly required courses are fundamentals of chemistry, microbiology, anatomy, physiology, developmental psychology and statics. Students must have a C or better in college algebra, biological science, psychology and human experience.

Arkansas has certain admissions policies for students to be eligible for an RN program. An LPN to RN program requires a high school diploma or GED. In this type of program, students must have an LPN certificate in the state of Arkansas to be eligible for admission to an LPN to RN program. Another type of RN program requires an associate’s degree for entry. Some schools may also request essays or interviews. The Arkansas State Board of Nursing requires all graduates of nursing schools to have a criminal background check by the Federal Bureau of Investigation and by the Arkansas State Police.

Arkansas RN Resources

Browse our complete list of Arkansas RN programs with full approval from the Arkansas state board of nursing. Arkansas RN programs should be carefully evaluated by prospective students prior to enrollment.

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